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2023    Awakenings, Sidestreet Arts, Three-Person Show, Portland OR

2023    Inside a Memory, Visionary Art Collective, Virtual Exhibition, New York NY

2023    Small Works, James May Gallery, Virtual Exhibition, Milwaukee WI

2023    Canyon, Fresh Salad, Online Exhibition, Virtual Exhibition, @freshsaladart 

2023    Layers of Sentiment, Stumptown, Portland OR

2022    Water Briefed, Lolo Pass, Portland OR

2021    Canyons were already, Ernie and Gray, Salem OR

2020    Canyons were already, Jailbreak Studios, Portland OR

2019    Line and Ligament, The Ou Gallery, Two-Person Show, Duncan British Columbia 

2019    Horizon Line Sleepwalker, Jailbreak Studios, Portland OR

2018    Disco Rice, The Hazel Room, Portland OR

2018    Disco Rice, Turn Turn Turn, Portland OR

2017    Group Auction Fundraiser, UNA Gallery, Group Show,  Portland OR

2017    Layers of Sentiment, Impossible Box Arts, Portland OR

2016    A Garden of Forking Paths, Trust Art Collective and Gallery, Group Show, Portland OR

2016    3rd Annual Living Mark Exhibition, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Group Show, Portland OR

2016    3rd Annual Abstract Sanctuary Exhibition, Group Show, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland OR 

2016    The Brief History of a Human, ZuZu Salon and Gallery, Portland OR

2015    The Printmaker’s Hand III, Group Show, Northwind Arts Center, Port Townsend WA



2023    Land Between, Never Coffee, Portland OR



Public Art

2023    Exterior Mosaic Mural, Designed, Scheduled Install 2025, Portland OR

2023    Interior Wall Mural, Henry Higgins, NW 23rd, Portland OR

2023    Interior Wall Mural, Henry Higgins, Sellwood, Portland OR

2022    Exterior Ceiling Mural, Enso Hotel, San Francisco CA

2021    Airstream Mural, Mobile Salon, CA

2021    Interior Wall Mural, Residential, Seattle WA

2020    Interior Wall Mural, Enso Float, Portland OR

2020    Exterior Wall Mural, Communion, Portland OR

2019    Interior Wall Mural, Residential, Portland OR

2019    Interior Wall Mural, Kenton Hotel, Portland OR

2018    Interior Wall Mural, Honeymoon Tattoo, Portland OR



Water Briefed Exhibition Review, Variable West, 2022

Issue 6 New Visionary Magazine, Printed and Virtual, Visionary Art Collective, 2023

Spring Exhibition Catalog, Printed and Virtual, I Like Your Work Podcast, 2023

Suboart Magazine March 2023 #2, Printed and Virtual, Suboart, 2023

“Water Briefed,” Printed Book, Regional Arts and Culture Council Grant, 2022

“The Edge,” Online Magazine, The Gravity of the Thing, Summer 2015

Balancing Buoyancy and Desolation: Emily Kepulis at Lolo Pass - Variable West

New Visionary Magazine, Issue 6

Spring Exhibition Catalog (2023) | I LIKE YOUR WORK

Suboart Magazine March 2023 #2 by suboartmagazine - Issuu

Water briefed, 2022 | artist

The Edge | Emily Kepulis – The Gravity of the Thing


Emily Kepulis is a mixed media visual artist and muralist living in 

Portland, OR.

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